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March 26, 2005 (link)

10:30 PM

So, four years ago today. It actually feels like it's been a lot longer than that -- I suppose because it wasn't long after leaving college that I started this site, and that break (leaving Vermont and moving to Philadelphia)...things that happened around that time, or before it, tend to feel like a "long time ago".

(Also the nature of the site tends to compress time -- four years summed up in a little sidebar, one that won't visually feel "big" until it stretches three screens down.)

In the same spirit, then, as this and this, I give you my transcription of:

  • Rainer Brüninghaus's solo on "Eyes That Can See in the Dark" by Eberhard Weber: [1] [2] [3]

I don't have time right now to try transcribing the left hand -- unlike "Colours of Chloe", the bass isn't panned dead center, so it can't be mixed out with Audion's karaoke feature. Ergo, it's just a right-hand transcription for now. And there are no doubt mistakes, and I can already see things I want to change (mostly too-literal treatments of certain rhythms, in particular some runs on page 3 that might be better notated as 11-note tuplets).

But flaws aside, I hope it's useful and/or enjoyable to someone out there (and if it is, do write a comment or drop me an email, hein?).

In other news, Jandek is playing live again. I'm almost tempted to try to find a way to go. There's something very moving about what he's doing -- I find it hard not to see it as a tremendous act of courage. If you haven't seen the pictures, you'll want to take a look.

(When he played in Glasgow, it was strange enough to find ourselves suddenly able to utter the phrase in the past tense: "Jandek played live". But to be able to put it in the implied future tense...who would ever have thought?)

Current music: first, "2005.03.23 bounce.mp3", then Jandek - Live at Instal 04

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March 24, 2005 (link)

11:32 AM

If this track from this album isn't a prototype for this band (especially songs like this and, at the end, this), then I'll...

Well, I won't eat my hat, or anything else I don't want to eat. But I'd still be really surprised.

(It's a pretty great track; I only wish they'd used my arrangement and lengthened the beginning and end of the A-section. I suppose that's my baton to carry, then!)

10:53 AM

I hope whoever got here searching on "the colours of chloe" + transcription found what they were looking for; by using the "E umlaut", or trema, on the original link to the transcription, I apparently guaranteed that the above search won't find it directly. So, here's an unaccented link to the transcription of "The Colours of Chloe".

Current music: Gary Burton & Keith Jarrett - "Grow Your Own"

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March 11, 2005 (link)

10:58 AM

Garry Kasparov retires. I don't have one-tenth the chess ability I would need to fully appreciate his genius, but I know enough to recognize what a loss this will be if he follows through with it.

Current music: Franz Schubert - Symphony No. 8, "Unfinished"

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March 8, 2005 (link)

7:06 PM

Two quotations along similar lines. First, the opening sentence of this essay by Greg Tate, by way of Josh Blog:

Toni Morrison and Samuel Delany both say they write novels they'd like to read but cannot find.

And now, this, from an article on Low in the Jan./Feb. 2005 issue of Magnet:

At times, it seems Low has traded its slow-and-steady, who-cares-about-the-race dogma for that of the swift, three-minute pop song. Ironically, by dabbling in conventional rock-band territory, Low risks alienating its listeners.

"At the end of the day, when you're making a record, in honor of your fans, you kind of have to ignore them," says Sparhawk. "I don't want to hear someone making something that I want to hear. I want to hear them making something they want to hear."

Current music: Circle - Forest

3:03 PM

In the midst of all manner of spam and nonsense, this is kind of heartwarming to read:

..their music 4 higher inteligence to hear - Ivukovic [12/11/2003 04:35 PST]

::::i think if maybe their song "gone to earth" would be sent into the universe,, and , possibly maybe, some higher inteligence would hear to it, human race would reprisent very nice and very truthfull side of its being.. ..sory if mistakes in my bad english...

Actually, Mister or Miss Ivukovic*, I don't think anyone could have said it more perfectly.

*(the last letter came up as a glitched-out symbol on my browser; I think it's supposed to be a "C" with an acute accent, but I can't get that character to come up reliably)

Current music: "I'm so glad it's about aliens!"

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