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July 31, 2006 (link)

12:03 PM

Here at Eyes That Can See in the Dark, our own version of the No Child Left Behind mandate is the No Month Without An Update policy -- even if the update is a big ol' link dump!

  • Some really cool stuff going on at Studio Hunty, not just the Dragon's-Lair-inspired Dungeon Escape, but also the Metroid-inspired Sketchy. (If you get stuck after getting the high jump boots, look for the mushroom, and think about how to get there...)

  • If you want to get that A Brief History of Time thrill again, check out Imagining the Tenth Dimension. I particularly enjoyed the semi-"gotcha" (Tamagotchi?) at the end.

  • About two-thirds of the way into this is the most twitchingly funny thing I've seen in a while. (Probably best not to play this one aloud at work.) His Walken and Pesci are very good, even uncanny, but I didn't know that Mr. Nicholson was a fey leprechaun...

  • Fans of the Conet Project, and of the sounds of distant radio transmissions in general, need to check out Adventures in Amplitude Modulation at the WFMU blog. It makes me want to start a shortwave radio station, though not so much along Yosemite Sam lines.

  • 35-year-old Brenda Schultz-McCarthy recently regained the serving speed record in women's tennis ("with a blistering 130mph serve during a qualifying match, which she later went on to lose"). Looking into this, I discovered that the record on the men's side is...163.6 mph? By Bill Tilden?

  • I think I remember reading this story as an 11- or 12-year-old and being totally freaked out by it. Maybe because I've been a mild lunaphobe for most of my life -- I don't know why, but for years now I've periodically had a dream in which the moon is hurtling towards the earth, and even now if I look up at the sky and the moon looks unusually big I get a little frisson of sublime fear. Anyway, it was nice to rediscover this one -- now I just need to find the one from my middle school's library that's like the one about how somebody "H-bombed funnyspace", but that isn't (I don't think) the same story...

  • Not sure what to make of this analysis of Blowout Comb -- it certainly, um, has its point of view, let me put it that way.

  • I had a dream about watching this excellent Joe Maphis performance the other night. I also had a very moving dream a week or two back about being in a room where someone was playing the song that gave this site its name; after the improvised section, the entire room, men and women both, started singing along with the opening melody.

(Stuff to write about sometime this coming month: Story of the Ghost, what else...)

Current music: Weather Report - "Cucumber Slumber" (live at the Academy of Music, Philadelphia, PA, Sept. 22, 1974)

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